This Is The Most Genius And Most Evil Warzone Play Of All-Time

Meet Frozone, he is a former MVP of the Barstool Gaming League and is ranked __ in the world for Warzone kills with over 115,000+. 

This clip is one of the most genius plays I've ever seen. There's outplaying your opponents and then there's Frozone-ing them. Imaging winning your gulag, going back to your loot and seeing everything EXCEPT your guns. At that point, you gotta just tip your cap and acknowledge the 200 IQ play.

I'm trying to help stoolies become better Warzone players through a series called "Flankzone" - I've been doing this on Tiktok for quite some time and I finally brought it over to YouTube shorts and Instagram.

Tweet me what spots you want me to hit next! Flanking your opponents is always the easiest way to get Warzone kills.

Speaking of, we're fragging right now in Verdansk! Join stream: