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I Knew The Barstool Chicago Office Would Be Extremely Fancy But Nobody Said It Was Going To Be This Fancy

This is our first snake draft in the new office and yeah it's a lot bigger but can we talk about the handy dandy camera work going on here from Gemini Waterproofing's finest Tommy Leigh? I knew we'd get more breathing room and I had a sense the A/C would be pumping. But nobody told me the technology in this place would be world class. That's actually the most pleasant surprise. I'm like a 90's kid on vacation that's just getting access to a CD player in the rental car. Experts call that that a technological epiphany but I'm just fine saying it's a major fucking upgrade and that's very nice. 

Can I interest you in a fully loaded forest green '97 Chevrolet Suburban?

I could sit here and talk service all day. Service service service. Realtors talk location. Dealers talk service and that's why I like a Chevy. Nobody paid for this fellas I'm just rolling stay with me. 

The same dependability of Chevy can actually be extended to Wes Unseld's inside presence throughout the 70's in the NBA. Nobody hit the boards harder than Wes Unseld. Are these averages average enough for you?

I don't care if these numbers come from the St. Nicholas of Talentine Sunday morning parishioner recreational church league. You go out and put up 18-16 rebounds a game for the better part of a decade then you can play on my squad. 

In this case, Unseld does. I'll only spoil one pick because I was an absolute bitch about it in the moment. I blew my strategy in the 2nd when the unthinkable happened. I knew it would create a massive gap in my 70's coverage but I didn't think it would come down to inside presence. Everybody knows 2010's and 1990's are the years you target big men. And instead I'm playing footsie with a mortal enemy and playing full court man-to-man defense. Probably tune into this week's show if that makes zero sense. I don't think snake drafts can let you down. 

Admittedly though I was weak in my Unseld argument. 

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Point is I was rattled. That unfortunately happens when you're in the arena with Coley and ripping up your strategy on the fly. I wasn't Matt Millen necessarily but I certainly opened the door for your criticism. Do me a favor this week and save it though. Channel your energy into the Barstool Chicago YouTube page that now has almost 20K subscribers which is textbook progress. Be on the right side of history. Subscribe. 

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