The Most Overpowered Gun In Fortnite's History Is Here

Get ready to get railed - the new weapon in Fortnite is insanely overpowered. Chapter 2 Season 7 update is here and in the video above, we break down all the new changes and updates.

The biggest takeaway from the update was the addition of a "Rail Gun" and the "Recon Grenade." The Rail Gun has the ability to injure and kill enemies through walls - this will change the competitive and casual scene forever if it is not reworked. The Recon Grenade shows you an outline of enemies through walls within a certain range. Couple the two together and you'll be wreaking havoc on some Fortnite bots.

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"HE'S BOXED RICKKKKK!" Fortnite shows time and time again that they are king of the collab - this season Rick Sanchez and Superman will be headlining the Battle Pass as unlockable characters.

Who's still grinding Fortnite out there? Is it time we call the General back to the island?