A Secretary is Suing Her School Claiming She Was Forced to Help Her Female Principal with Her Sexting Game

NY Post - A Yonkers school worker was forced to take raunchy photos of her principal posing in a thong at school — and store the shots on her cell phone, along with penis pics and other illicit images, an explosive federal lawsuit alleges.

The principal enlisted the underling’s help in order to hide the sexy snaps from her husband and save them for her lover, the school secretary and her attorney told The Post.

Gisselle Vasquez, a 35-year-old single mom, was hired as a Spanish-speaking secretary for Principal Evelina Medina. ... But Medina soon pushed her to do far more than clerical work, the Manhattan federal court papers claim. ...

Medina texted Vasquez a photo of a man lying in bed in his underwear, and instructed Vasquez to save the photo for her on her own phone, court papers state.

“To this day I don’t understand what would make her so comfortable to ask me to do that for her,” Vasquez told The Post, explaining that the women were not friends. “I wondered if I don’t do this what would be the repercussions for me at work. I’m a single parent and I thought what would happen if I said no.”

The next day, Medina ushered the secretary into the school office and ordered her to take a photo of her. “She hands me the phone and says, ‘Close the door,'” Vasquez told The Post.

“Medina then proceeded to lower her pants to her ankles, turned around and exposed her buttocks in thong underwear and posed,” according to court papers. ...

Medina then texted the nearly bare-butt image to Vasquez’s cell phone and asked her if should could help “edit” them, the complaint says. “She wanted to smooth out the dimples … her cellulite,” Vasquez told The Post.

Five days later, on May 29, the principal texted Vasquez another sex shot — this time of a man lying in bed holding his erect penis, the complaint alleges. Medina “instructed” Vasquez to save that photo for her too.

“On more than one occasion, Medina made comments about her lover’s penis size and how it satisfied her more despite being smaller than her husband’s penis size,” the suit says.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Walter Scott. (The benefits of a state college education.)

Poor Principal Evelina Medina. Her only mistake here was trusting too much. I mean, that and spending her work time sexting with her sidepiece and flashing his dong pictures around the office on the school district's dime. But that sort of goes with the territory. A perk of the job of being a public school principal. It's not like while she's busy dropping trou in her office and striking just the right Come Hither pose she was needed anywhere else. I'm sure everything else in her school was going swimmingly. High test scores. Perfect graduation rate. No one cutting classes or ripping joints in the boys room. So I think we can all be willing to let her slide in the name of romance. 

No, her mistake was thinking she had an ally in Gisselle Vasquez. A true friend who shared her joy at this crazy, whirlwind affair she was conducting. Who appreciated the subtle art of framing a racy photo just right, with the perfect, flattering light. And who could be discreet about carrying a dick pic around on her phone. Even of a dick with which she was not familiar. 

I'm sure Principal Medina felt safe. Protected. Like she'd found a fellow strong feminist who was down with the cause and ready to do her part in the name of female empowerment. But alas, she picked the wrong comrade. Here is all the proof you need of that. 

And I'm not talking about the lawsuit. Vasquez will win because this is a textbook hostile work environment. And whatever amount she ends up with, not a dime of it will come out of Medina's pocket. What I'm talking about is that crack about the dimples and cellulite. If anything ever proved this was not a relationship built on trust, that is it. That's a violation of every Girl Code. But clearly Vasquez feels she never agreed to any sort of a treaty. Like the Soviets not signing the Geneva Convention in WWII, everything became fair game. Even a 42-year-old woman's cellulite-riddled thighs. Sad. 

Hopefully the principal will come away from this a little wiser and a little slower to put her trust in people. If nothing else, I'm sure her husband will.