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BREAKING: Aaron Rodgers OFFICIALLY Did NOT Report To Mandatory Mini Camp


Damn. Aaron must really be unhappy. This might be the actual end. Things seem to be going so well for him in his personal life. New fiance. New celebrity friends. All sorts of amazing opportunities seemingly at his finger tips. I totally understand why he wouldn't want to go back to Green Bay. Maybe he can go to Vegas or some place out West or in the AFC where he is appreciated appropriately. Denver knows how to treat QBs in the final stages of their career. Green Bay clearly does not. They don't appreciate what they had. Always on to the next thing. SAD!

Speaking of the "next thing"...Justin Fields

Most accurate college QB ever according to PFF. I am not an expert on quarterbacks or accuracy or mechanics. I am going to say that this measurement is objectively good and zero percent bad. I honestly can't wait for football season. I don't even need summer. Just get me to Week 1 Sunday Night Football. Don't tell me Fields is going to play. Just let the buzz take over on the sidelines as he is warming up. That is what I want. That...and for Aaron Rodgers never to set foot in Wisconsin ever again. I don't think that is too much to ask.