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French President Macron Just Got Bitch Slapped When Greeting The Public

I gasped. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before. A prominent government leader of a Western Power just absolutely BITCH slapped. And make no mistake, that was a bitch slap. The wrist action. The weak follow through. He got slapped by a little bitch, making it a bitch slap. 

Now, what looks like the equivalent of the French secret service stepped in and gave this guy the business for slapping the President, but the damage is done and if I know anything about French culture from old cartoons is that Macron has been challenged to a duel. That's a dueling slap. He has two options at this point. You get slapped like this in public as the President and your only response is "pistols at dawn". Then they both have to meet at the Eiffel Tower tomorrow at sunrise. Either he accepts the challenge or whoever slapped him is now the President. Those are the rules. I didn't make them up. I just understand them. 

Would love to get a better look at the guy who did the slapping. Also has to suck to be the guy who got arrested for something and not be the one to do the slapping. You get all the pain without any of the glory. Tough. 

PS: I do not endorse slapping electing officials.