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Mark Zuckerberg Throwing A Spear With Some Audioslave Playing In The Background Is The Most Badass Shit You'll Ever See

Holy fuck. That was so hardcore. 

Personally I would have opted for some Cochise. Think it rocks just slightly harder than "Show Me How To Live". But either way, the Zuck Man is looking like an absolute force with that spear. And if you're wondering what the deal is with the earmuffs, it's because he's launching that shit at the speed of sound. He's not like some little twerp throwing a javelin at track practice. He's launching this spear to kill, and it's moving faster than fuck. If it wasn't for slowmo then this video would have been 0.0004 seconds long. 

And sure, maybe it wasn't a direct bullseye. But you also have to remember that he's not practicing to hit a stationary target. His target is going to be moving. So you want to throw that spear where your target is going to be, not where it's at. This guy, man. Doesn't get much hardcore than Zucky B. 

All I want in life is to chuck some spears with Z Dawg and then spend the rest of the afternoon smoking some meat with ol' boy. Sounds like an afternoon in heaven to me. Need Zuckerberg on Meat Sweats like I need to know when my neighbor's uncle's birthday is. 

Time to rock.