Prepare To Be Shocked - It Took Less Than A Week For LeBron To Have A Stupid Ass 'Revenge Tour' Post On Social Media

Oh shut the fuck up. Count LeBron out? Dude, you just lost to the Suns in six where you basically quit on your team. Actually you did quit on your team. You bailed with 5 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. You made all the excuses in the world about how you were just 85% with your ankle. Also, the most predictable thing ever was 'count ME out.' Nothing about the Lakers. Nothing about Anthony Davis, who was actually hurt in the series. Just all about LeBron. Again, let me say it again, shut the fuck up man. Wait until the preseason or your next interview to give a quote. Quit the emo social media shit and it'd be a whole lot easier to like you and appreciate how fucking good you are at the game of basketball. 

Also let's be honest here. Nobody is counting you out dude. The Lakers are likely the favorites to win the West again next year. I know big time players make shit up in their heads, but it's getting outrageous. Nobody and I mean nobody is going to count the Lakers out when they are favorites. It's going to be 'well Anthony Davis got hurt against the Suns. He's healthy they are going to go up against the Nets.' That's going to be the storyline all preseason that we're months away because LeBron couldn't wait a week for this stupid ass post. And yeah, I'm irrationally angry about this, deal with it. 

I love social media. Key to my job. But goddamn do I miss the days where you could only get emo in AIM profiles and away messages.