You Simply Can't Show Up To A Game Wearing A T-Shirt Of A Bear Taking A Picture Of Its Junk And Then Promptly Get Your Ass Kicked By 40

This is a statement shirt. I don't care if you're Giannis or a fake Uber driver from a story. If you are wearing a picture of a bear taking a picture of its junk, you simply can't lose by 40. I can't be getting texts from people who watch just the playoffs asking me why people think Giannis is good. You can't have Kevin Durant laughing at your face after putting you on skates. 

You can't have Kyrie also put you on skates. 

Sidenote: just a free tip to other bloggers here at Barstool. This is how you embed a tweet from Barstool Sports account and not other sites we make fun of. Just trying to help here, maybe use specific podcasts or main account tweets. Weird to help engagement, I know. 

Now, I know I was just sitting on my couch because I didn't try to get credentialed for this game but it's pretty clear one thing is for sure. I don't think it matters what the Bucks do. They went out and got Jrue Holiday, a player I really like. They tried to get shooting around Giannis. It's just not good enough. This isn't even a true knock on Giannis. He's just not good enough to drag a team past a healthy KD/Kyrie. Sure, the series is going back to Milwaukee and they can win the two there, but just watch the games. The Nets are getting help from Blake while the Bucks are getting nothing. 

Back to the point of the blog - the shirt. First off, what a wild ass choice to wear. It doesn't even make sense. Bears don't have junk like humans. Just incorrect, Jeff Van Gundy. I know he's worn it before, but it makes no fucking sense. Then again, Giannis is a sneaky horny dude. Need him and WSD to do a snake draft together. 

You simply can't lose by 40 wearing that though.