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Nick Saban Just Signed an Extension That Won't End Until He's 77 YEARS OLD

Nick Saban's deal with the devil that included being the greatest college football coach of all-time apparently also includes immortality, because he has signed a contract extension which will keep him at Alabama through at least February 2029. He'll be 77 years old.

I have actually come to really like Saban. Alabama is so many light years removed from Tennessee in terms of competition that I can appreciate Saban for how unbelievably great he's been. But I simply can't have him at Alabama for another eight seasons. I would like to beat Alabama one time before I'm 30. I don't think that's asking too much.

And I'm sure this is mostly to give recruits a sense of security that Saban is signed through the senior years of anybody Bama is recruiting right now, whether he actually ends up finishing the contract or not. But with the money he's making, I'd keep coaching forever, too.


In addition to his $8.4 million salary — which will also keep increasing — Saban gets an $800,000 check stroked in four consecutive years just for not retiring. Not a bad gig to have in your 70s.

But honestly, I know in my heart of hearts Saban is absolutely going to coach through the remainder of this contract and win five more national championships. He won't ever walk away. He'll be eating Oatmeal Cream Pies and cussing out players until the day he dies.

So if y'all had any dreams of Saban retiring in the next couple years and giving anybody else a chance, we'll revisit in 2029.