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A Chicken Nugget Shaped Like An Among Us Character Sold For $100,000

Early on, this was the price of the nugget and I thought it was absolutely madness. The auction defied all odds and tripled in price by close.

I thought this story was a complete troll at first, but someone paid close to $100,000 for a chicken nugget that was the same shape as an Among Us Character. It's good to see that the Among Us hype isn't completely dead. The devs of Among Us had some fun with all the attention:

Say you're the individual that purchased this chicken nugget, NOW WHAT? I just don't understand what's the next logical step. You obviously can't eat the nugget (which would've been my move). Do you display it on your mantle? Do you brag about it to company? Is it locked away in a closet and secret Among Us shrine? I have so many questions.

The one thing I do know for sure, this nugget got lucky it wasn't in the my hands cause it would've never made it to eBay.

Should we bring back Barstool Among Us?