Virginia's Real-Life Kenny Powers Gave Another Incredible Interview After He Launched His Glove To The Moon

Stephen Schoch is everything that is awesome about college baseball. Sure, you've got some interesting characters in football and basketball, but there is nothing like a 21-year-old baseball player. And Schoch is a rare breed even by that standard.

First, he closed out Virginia's 3-2 win over South Carolina to eliminate the Gamecocks from the Columbia Regional in their home ballpark before promptly launching his glove somewhere into the crowd down the third base line. So he certainly brought the electricity to the ballpark. But then he stepped to the mic and proved to be the coolest guy on the field, too.

Schoch is the origin story of Kenny Powers brought to life and dropped into college baseball. As he said, he'll hopefully make a few better decisions than Kenny did along the way, but there's no denying that drawing comparisons to one of the greatest fictitious pitchers to ever do it ain't a bad way to be living.

UVA takes on Old Dominion tonight in a winner-take-all game for a spot in the Super Regionals and I think I speak for everyone when I say we want the Cavaliers to stay in this tournament as long as possible. I want to see Stephen Schoch in Omaha as much as I want to see Tennessee there. He deserves it.

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