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Logan Paul's strategy through the eyes of another bad boxer

First off, I am not that good at boxing myself. There are tons of guys at the gym I train at that beat me senseless. But Logan's strategy was perfect for someone who is way worse than boxing than the other person but had size and weight. 


Logan Paul was fighting someone a lot smaller than him. He had over 30lbs and 5 inches (interestingly, only 1 inch in reach). Logan went into this fight with one goal: do not get knocked out. Look, I know my experience is limited to about 2 months of a fight camp, but when fighting Jose Canseco, my strategy was also trying not to get knocked out. Not even winning, just keeping the right distances to stay away from big right hands. My strategy was to close distance with Canseco and not allow him to use the same full-body torque velocity that let him smash huge home runs once upon a time; he was more dangerous from the outside. Floyd was dangerous from almost everywhere, inside he could knock you out with hooks and uppercuts; outside to mid-distance is where Floyd could really go to work. Logan executed the perfect plan to use his strengths to neutralize Floyd and be safe from a knockout in two areas, keep Floyd at a distance with his length, or if Floyd got inside, just hugging and neutralizing him with clinching. He did a great job at this throughout the fight. 

He didn't land the vast majority of these punches, but these were to keep Floyd far away from him so he couldn't knock him out. If you noticed he would back away from Floyd and as soon as he got corned would lunge and hug Floyd. Floyd would take time to get inside for positioning, but that's when Logan would hug him and let the time run out. It was quite genius.


Also, Logan took some huge shots. But that is why there are weight classes. Bigger guys can absorb harder hits and create more power when hitting. Still impressive. 

And when he got hit and got a little dazed and confused, he held on for dear life, allowing him time to take a second


(I do not think Mayweather held him up, he just didn't want to get dragged down by Logan)

Look Logan didn't land any punches, and comparatively, he is a much worse boxer. But Logan's conditioning and strategy were perfect, his goal was to go the distance and he did! He would have lost all the rounds tho from point deductions from the hugging, even the ref said it. But what he was doing with keeping at distance and wrestling took a lot of stamina and energy. Logan took the maximal effort to recover in between rounds.

I did love this full send at the end of round 1 though where he abandoned all strategy to see if he could get a lucky knockout


There was a time that Floyd realized the strategy and got visibly frustrated. Paul's time-draining strategy was working and ultimately Mayweather couldn't put him away. Like the McGregor fight, I think Floyd was waiting to tire Paul out and put him away in the late rounds. I think Mayweather was so surprised he wasn't going to try to box, just run out the clock. Paul didn't let him execute this plan.

I have to applaud Logan, because as someone who also got into a boxing match and was just trying to survive, Logan survived with the best. None of this shit would work against someone in his weight class, but mad props. 

Also, side note, this card allowed me to realize how much Ochocinco hates science and basically doesn't believe in diet and exercise.