Some Schmuck Dodgers Fan Tried To Call Out Jacob deGrom For Cheating On Twitter And Promptly Got Chirped By A Bunch Of The Mets Pitchers And Catchers

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, huh? At the end of the 2017 season Jacob deGrom decided to cut his hair, maybe make a deal with the devil, and is now doing shit nobody has ever seen before on a pitchers mound. It was all fun and games when deGrom couldn't buy a win because his offense flat out refused to score runs and his bullpen blew every lead they could get their hands on.  But now that everything is clicking in Flushing, opposing fans are trying to do whatever they can to tear deGrom down with vicious nickname like deCheats, which is pretty much the internet's calling card for whenever someone's life is going a little too good.

Well in typical 2021 Mets fashion, instead of taking their lumps they decided to fight back with enough CCs to make anyone stuck in the cubes on a Monday morning shiver in fear.

The trail ends with Uncle Stevie but I imagine that was because Steve was either sleeping before the markets opened on Monday or is currently going full Terry Benedict and buying up all of the competitors of the businesses that Dave Doyers has any connection to with the goal of bankrupting them. 

God dammit do I love this team. They could have just gone about their business or ignore some Dodgers fan that lacks in the words of the great Ray Finkle Lois Einhorn, a little thing called "evidence" outside of their God teammate touching his belt or glove. Instead, they showed up for their leader like it was the portals scene in Endgame without pointing out Trevor Bauer pretty much being the Thanos of spin rate.

While also not mentioning that Jake's spin rate has been relatively consistent dating back to when he was just a lowly star pitcher instead of an immortal.

Yup, I am going to register this Twitter spat as yet another W for the 2021 New York Mets. I won't count this one on the road to 96 but I could. A #96er has too much honor for that.