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Sooooo It Turns Out The Greatest Baseball Player Of All Time Is Actually A 29-Year-Old Guy Named Patrick Wisdom

We spent a lot of time talking about Patrick Wisdom on the last episode of Red Line Radio so technically this isn't news to you guys. But it turns out the Cubs have finally hit on a nobody journeyman and his name is Patrick fucking Wisdom. Just an absolute monster of a human being with the kind of jawline and bone structure that went extinct 50,000 years ago. He wakes up and craves fastballs over the inside part of the plate while eating raw grass-fed beef that he raised and slaughtered himself. With his bare hands. And then he does an hour worth a tee work and this is a morning ritual guys. I just made it up but you wouldn't doubt me if I said it were true. Patrick Wisdom is that kind of baseball player. 

On a more analytical level, I love that he's a former Cardinals 1st rounder that never got a chance with St. Louis. Probably sucks getting stuck behind a 30-something year old Mark Reynolds and his 93 OPS+. Or watching Matt Adams become a fan favorite or having Matt Carpenter fill-in for a year just because you're not good enough. And then COVID and he gets no opportunities. All this guy does is mash baseballs and he can't find any time. 

Not really any different with the Cubs except we've got tons of injuries. He started the year just as deep on the chart as any other year in his career but now he gets a chance and he's absolutely fucking murdering the ball. 14-34 with 7 homers, 2 doubles and a 1.088 slugging percentage. You haven't seen a hotter start since Russell Branyan hit those 3 homeruns. That was a peak highlight at the peak of ESPN but I digress. 

For now I just want to start speaking his name into the universe more and getting Patrick Wisdom on your minds. This is a guy that lets David Bote and Matt Duffy and Nico get healthy. He gives balance to the lineup. He sends a message to the rest of the faceless pros that make up the Cubs organization that are still waiting for their chance. He gives us a good story to follow while also actually being extremely productive, which is by far the most important part. Don't ever forget it. 


Patrick Wisdom MVP. 

Patrick Wisdom the best player of all time.