There's No Other Way To Put It - US Beating Mexico In The CONCACAF Nations League Finals Was One Of The Most Insane Sporting Events


I'm not even talking about the actual match. Just everything around it and what happened over the course of nearly 3 hours was fucking insane. Now, I know what you're thinking. What the fuck is CONCACAF Nations League and that's fair. It's a new tournament which was really just a reason to give us US vs Mexico again. Fine, you want rivals to play, we're going to get some wild shit happening. We actually even had a loaded roster, this was a real match. Any time you can play for the CONCACAF Nations League title you have to.

Of course it started with Mexico scoring immediately. 

62 seconds! Whatever, plenty of time left. Who cares that Mexico actually scored again before VAR decided it was offsides? We looked scared. Only way to put it. This was the youngest roster the US has had for a final in a tournament. It was complete deer in headlights, until we remembered that we're better than Mexico. 

This is where shit really starts to go off the rails though. Head into half 1-1 and, well, someone just vanished from the set. 


Really just set the tone for the 2nd half. If you know anything about CONCACAF you know shit gets off the rails FAST. Each team scored again, with us responding again because Weston McKennie is so goddamn good. 

Now mind you our starting GK Zach Steffen left the game with a knee injury. Non-contact. Great, grand, wonderful. Also helps that our backup Ethan Horvath looks like a dude who still gets dropped off at school. 

John Dorton/ISI Photos. Getty Images.

Right before the end of regulation, we got our little test of Mexico vs US. Gotta think we would win this fight. You don't want to fuck with John Brooks. 

You don't go studs up into our backup goalie and get away with it. Oh no you fucking don't. Love the fight from our guys here. Defend your dudes. I want to see that at all times. Always stand up for your dudes and if that's getting into a skirmish so be it. You know why? Because it pays off when we get to extra time. 


How about this VAR call from the ref? 

Pretty clear penalty and the ref from Panama avoided me getting ready to fight the entire country down there. Why? Because we have Christian Pulisic and he delivers a perfect penalty kick. 

Soft ass Mexican fans couldn't handle it and decided to drill Gio Reyna in the head with a bottle. Honestly, we should have free reign to let Brooks go into the stands Malice at the Palace style. 

It wasn't over yet despite somehow this match being roughly 2.5 hours in at this time. Another VAR check, this time on a dogshit handball call on the US. Luckily Ethan Horvath put hit nuts on the table. 


A few more skirmishes and bam, match ends, we win. 

Was it important? Fuck yeah. These guys need to learn how to win if this is going to be our golden generation as it should be. We have talent all over the place, even with starting Tim Ream in the back. Dudes stepped up all over the place from Horavth to Reyna to McKennie to Pulisic. Plus we beat Mexico and that's always the best. Fuck their fans for throwing shit at our guys. One of the wildest sporting events I can remember from the scoring to replays to dudes rushing the set and big plays. 

Back to back World Cups incoming.