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Logan Paul And Floyd Mayweather Went All 8 Rounds And Was Pretty Much What You Should Have Expected



So....that happened. Logan Paul stepped into the ring with Floyd Mayweather for an exhibition boxing match and while there were no judges nor no official winner, the internet ultimately decides everything and people are whining as if they expected something else to happen between a YouTuber and the greatest boxer of all time. Basically, Floyd allowed Logan to go all 8 rounds with him. Not to say it was rigged or fixed, but he was so in control of the fight I fully believe he could have ended it at any time, but was enjoying himself so he let Logan finish the fight. He was never breathing heavy or in any real danger, while Logan was throwing pretty ugly looking punches and landing only 13% of them, which is less than an ideal way to win a fight.

Again, let's remember what we saw: Logan Paul ate several punches from Floyd Mayweather tonight. He looked better than most expected him to look. And we got to see Floyd do some offense here and there, which was a nice change of pace. Was it some all time fight? Fuck no. Boring at times and Logan clearly had no chance after round 2. But I don't know why people thought we were going to see Ali/Frazier. This was Logan Paul vs a retired 44 year old. It's more theater than anything.

Was it worth the money? Nah, I'd say no. Jake Paul should have run in with a steel chair or something while the ref's back was turned. If it was an exhibition anyway, wouldn't have mattered. 

At the end of the day, they're rich and we're going to pay for the next Logan Paul fight because we're addicted to watching him box. That's just what we do now.


PS: Coming out with a Charizard around his neck and "Greatest Showman" was next level.