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Roger Federer Withdraws From The French Open, Leaves The Tournament Undefeated

Xinhua News Agency. Getty Images.

Roger Federer entered this year's French Open unsure if he'd be able to win a single match. He leaves the tournament without a loss. Pretty impressive if you ask me. No opponent at Roland Garros was able to beat him in tennis, that is a fact you cannot dispute. 

Now I kinda saw this one coming after Federer's grueling 4 set win against Dominik Koepfer yesterday. I was stunned he even found it in him to win the match after being down a break in the 3rd and looking gassed. 

Roger Federer was never going to win the French Open. Everyone knew this including Roger himself. He used this tournament to get back into game shape, boost his stamina, and give that knee a real test. He played more at the French Open than he has in the last 18 months. I think he stunned himself getting this deep, and right now he'd be dumb to push it any further. Smart. 

Are people unhappy he's pulling out? Sure are, go read the replies to his withdrawal tweet. Fuck those people, bunch of complainers. Federer just came back from two knee surgeries and hadn't played 5 sets in a long time. Him winning three matches at Roland Garros was beyond impressive. I'm sure there's people pissed that he's bailing without a real injury and that he used a grand slam tournament to get in game shape. Spare me. Fed has made it very clear he cares about two things this year: Wimbledon and the Olympics. This was all to get ready for the grass court season, with Wimbledon at the end of the month. These two tournaments are never that close together so he's pulling out here to be as close to 100% for the more important, realistic chance at another grand slam title. Makes sense to me. It's just great to see the king back.

P.S. Love Fed giving Berrettini tons of rest to get ready for Djokovic in the quarters. Genius move.