Jacob deGrom Silenced The Bats Of The Big Bad San Diego Padres With 11 Ks Over 7 Innings And Lowered His Season ERA To 0.62(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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You know it's a big game when my old ass is awake blogging at this ungodly hour. But I was stoked to see what the angel of death known as Jacob deGrom would do against the big bats of the San Diego Padres, so I took a nap like the washed loser I am after I put my kids to bed and needless to say Jacob deGrom delivered.

So fucking silly.

The few times Jake got into a little bit of trouble, he got out of it himself with either his glove:

Or his right arm that has been blessed by the Baseball Gods:

Now if the offense or bullpen had let Jake down tonight, this is the part of the blog where we would be recycling the same numbers about how crazy good Jacob deGrom has been while his team has been equally crazy bad. But the Mets have now won four deGrom starts in a row since letting him down in a 1-0 lost to the Red Sox, so we get to drink in this beautiful statistical swill.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You know a player is dealing absolute filth when people are digging up numbers from 1901 when I'm pretty sure they used the roundest rock they could find for the baseball. Every start I tell myself not to take for granted what Jacob deGrom is doing and every start I just expect him to deal straight zeroes. It's crazy. But that's what happens when you are witnessing history in real time, which it appears we are right now.

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I'm sure there will be plenty of more deGrom numbers that will break our brains in the coming days and weeks, but I also have to shout out the guy who went 2-for-5 tonight, hit a bomb, paced the team with 2 runs, and always seems to be in the right spot or is coaching up a reliever that is scuffling a bit.

Let's go to the Lindorks for their comments on Francisco as he rides an 8-game hitting streak where he has registered 6 extra base hits and scored 10 runs.

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That's what I thought. LFGM. God damn this team is fun to watch, especially when the best pitcher in the universe is on the bump. Now if you will excuse me, I have a 3-year-old that will be waking me up in no more than 60 minutes if every single night of the last week has taught me anything.