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Essential Quality Officially Clinches The Most Backwards Ass Triple Crown We Can Remember

Good luck making sense of this year man. You had Essential Quality, the easy favorite to win the Derby lose to Medina Spirit, Mandaloun and Hot Rod Charlie. You have Medina Spirit get (well soon to be officially) DQ'd as the winner. You had Rombauer win the Preakness out of nowhere, beating Medina Spirit and Concert Tour. Then you have the Belmont. No Triple Crown to win. Just an eight horse field that was still pretty loaded and obviously Essential Quality gets the perfect trip. That's really what cost Essential Quality a Triple Crown. Well, that and a positive drug test. But this horse was a monster. I tried to beat it today in exactas and lost. Fine. It happens. This horse was a shitty trip in the Derby away from being a Triple Crown winner without Bob Baffert getting suspended from TWO Triple Crown tracks. 

All I know is this ends the weirdest Triple Crown I can remember. The favorite from the Derby finishing fourth, skipping Preakness, winning the Belmont. Sure, why the fuck not? We don't see this, especially with the Baffert storyline. And the weirdest part is Essential Quality won with relative ease. A perfect trip does that when you have a monster horse. Gonna be one of those years we look back and wonder what if with Essential Quality. We should have had a Triple Crown bid. 

All I know is the Triple Crown is over and nothing made fucking sense. Let's get ready for Saratoga and Breeders Cup.