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Jon Rahm Finished His 3rd Round With A Commanding 6-Shot Lead... And Was Promptly Informed He's Positive For COVID And Was Forced To Withdraw

Wowwwwww. What a wild development we have here at the Memorial. Rahm came out this week firing. Guy was absolutely balling in his title defense at Muirfield Village. Set a tournament record at -18 thru 3 rounds and basically had the tournament in his back pocket barring an epic Sunday charge or collapse. And then he walks off the 18th green and they drop this bomb on him.

So unbelievably devastating. Guy was playing the tournament of his life and it's all for nothing. It sounds like he was in contact with somebody else who had tested positive and had been going through heightened protocols, so it had to be hanging over his head this week. But after negative tests for a few days running, he had to have thought he was in the clear. 

It's kinda wild that the Tour let him continue on with his round after finding out about it around the turn of his round. But at the same time, it would be pretty fucked up to pull him of the course when he's playing that well and then come to find it was a false positive. The 2nd test came back positive right near the end of his round so they had to break the news to him. Must've been painful for the Tour communications crew to know this was going to have to happen and watch him bury birdie after birdie. And of course, nobody is more hurt by this than Rahm.

It's a wide open tournament now. Cantlay and Morikawa at the top of the leaderboard at -12 on Sunday. This will hurt for Rahm for a while, but hopefully he and everybody in his circle is safe and healthy on the other side of this.