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Montana Fauts' Perfect Game In The Women's College World Series Will Be The Most Dominant Thing You See Today

Last night Alabama's Montana Fauts tossed just the 5th perfect game in Women's College World Series history last night. First of all Montana Fauts is an 80 grade name if we're being honest here. No chance someone with that name is bad at anything. She did tossed her perfecto with 14 strikeouts on her 21st birthday, 21 years and 6 days to the date of the last PG at this stage. After the Clippers-Mavs game ended last night I caught the tail end and it was well worth the watch. I truly do not know how anyone makes contact when Fauts is pitching. She's a goddamn weapon out there standing at 6'1" and just 43 feet away. It has to feel like the ball is coming in at 200 mph. I mean look at these at bats, what are we even doing here? Pure dominance.  

Fouts holds a 0.80 ERA with 69 strikeouts in 35 innings. She's k'd 56% of the batters she'd faced this year. Off the field she looks kind and sweet as can be...

…but facing her at the plate is like facing a lion who wants to rip your off. I would fake an injury if I found out she was pitching on gameday. Don't need the PTSD of those at bats haunting me at night. Yeah no thanks. T's and P's to whatever team gets her wrath next.