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Imagine Hitting A Ball So Far You That You Hit It Out Of The Stadium And It Hits An Actual Train...Johan Mieses Did That Last Night

This is just another reason why minor league baseball is the best. Where else can you hit a ball so far that it leaves the park and you literally hit a moving train? I'm pretty sure MLB The Show won't even let you do that. Red Sox AAA masher Johan Mieses stepped up to the plate last night and drove one deep to left. I mean way deep, like so deep it left the park. Hitting bombs to left isn't anything new for any baseball player, but I can guarantee Mieses has NEVER struck a train with his home run ball. You've got some sort of oil tanker train out there crawling at a snail's pace and they timed their stop perfectly with Mieses' at-bat. Hits it right off the base of the train. It's impressive in the fact that he was able to put the ball out there, let alone hit a moving train. And how about the crowd out there not giving a shit? Hey, this guy just nailed a train in the air, how about a round of applause? You won't see this anywhere else other than the minors. There may be a few ballparks where you could hit a car or a boat in the water, but I think this is the only place you'll be able to hit a train with a ball. He should get a prize or something for hitting it too, free train rides to and from Boston for year? Only seems fair, still pretty cool to see him actually hit the train with a big fly. He sent this one for a ride, like an actual ride. Man do I hate myself for making that joke.