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According To Aaron Boone Hitting Into A Lot Of Double Plays Is Something a Good Team Does

Dan Istitene. Getty Images.

The Yankees lost another baseball game Friday night, this time to the Boston Red Sox. It was the same old story of not hitting whatsoever. The two runs came on an Aaron Judge solo shot and a defensive miscue by the Red Sox. That's it. The Yankees remain winless when they allow five or more runs, the only team in baseball that has failed to accomplish that feat. Friday night they hit into their 54th double play on the season, which ties them with the Astros for the most in baseball. Our buffoon of a manger came up with another remarkable quote to explain the Yankees undying tendency to kill rallies. This was truly a work of art. 


The better teams hit into double plays. Basically trying to say it's a good sign when you're hitting into twin killings. More double plays means the corner will be turned sooner rather than later. Fuck me man. That's a real quote from the manager of the New York Yankees. This team continues to be a reflection of their pathetic excuse of a leader. What he's trying to say is that the Yankees hit the ball hard with men on base I guess. Regardless what his intention was, that quote is another slap in the face to this fanbase. Literally say anything else. Say the team can't buy a break right now or that they're getting unlucky. Don't say the good teams ground into double plays and all is good. That's a goddamn joke with the way this season has gone. It's his job to say the right thing to the media and all he does is say the opposite. 

I almost want to believe Boone saw that New York is now tied with the Astros for the league lead in GIDP and assumed it was a good thing. Little did he know the Tampa Bay Rays, who continue to own this franchise, are tied for the second fewest in the league. The Red Sox are middle of the pack with 37. The Dodgers are at 36. White Sox 38. Cubs 37. Yeah I don't know if hitting into the most double plays in the whole league is a good thing Aaron Boone. Holy fuck that response bothered me so much when I saw it. 

I fully understand he doesn't have say over the lineup. Big decisions about who is going to pitch and hit on a daily basis are for the most part out of his hands. Fine, can't kill him for that in today's MLB, but what can you kill him for? The postgame quotes that make this team look even more like a fucking joke. He's supposed to be the face of this team to the media and all he does is pump out his ridiculous one liners along with some bullshit prayer of hope that tomorrow will bring magical change. Fundamentals and disciplined baseball are also things the manager should preach to his players. The Yankees are by far the worst base running team in baseball. They lack fundamentals across the board and that all falls on your manager.

Now we're supposed to accept as a fan base that hitting into double plays is a good thing. Do not piss down my leg and tell me it's raining. That's what Aaron Boone continues to do and it's infuriating as this team keeps playing like they have. Will they can him mid-season? No, why would they? He's their precious puppet that all the blame seemingly falls on. But holy fuck is this all growing old fast. Another lifeless effort on Friday which we've all grown accustomed to. Not sure what is going to change if anything, but watching this team every night has become a chore. 

P.S. I heard Chris Gittens is coming up tomorrow so maybe moving DJ back to second will help a little? Gittens has nice numbers in AAA and I'm pumped for him to get his shot because it's well deserved. The Odor experiment got old fast, it's time to try something else.