John Mayer Just Released A New Song And It Slaps

John, if you're reading this, please sign my PS4 controller!!! I know you're a huge fan of my blogs.

Lowkey, I've been a John Mayer fan for close to a decade. I have a very interesting taste in music where my top 3 bands/artists are Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer and Pink Floyd. Kind of a random trio, but also not at the same time.

"Last Train Home" released today and it's got a great upbeat tune to it. I'm a big fan and usually it takes me a few listens to enjoy a new song. The first time I heard the first few beats and lyrics, I knew this was gonna be a good one. I don't think it's top tier like No Such Thing, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room or New Light, but it's certainly way above average.

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For absolutely no reason, my favorite song is "Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967." Well, that's not entirely true - there is a reason. I typically am an individual that listens to the beat and not the lyrics. For example, I accidentally sent my girlfriend a song called "Thick and Thin," because I liked the beat and assumed the song was about being together through it all. To my surprise, I was immediately put in the dog house because the song is about a breakup. GG, but we bounce back. Luckily, I heard Walt Grace's storyline clear and it's John Mayer's storyline in a different light. It's fascinating once you hear it in this manner. 

I've been to 2 John Mayer concerts and we're looking to increase that number RAPIDLY. In 2016ish, I saw him play his Born and Raised album at PNC Bank Arts Center in NJ. More recently, 2-3 summers ago, I saw him play at Jones Beach.

If you ever want to make my day better, tweet me your favorite John Mayer, DMB or Pink Floyd song.