Learning That The Vikings Were Trying To Trade Up To The 8th Pick To Select Justin Fields Makes Draft Night That Much Sweeter

My reaction to the video of the Vikings calling the Panthers repeatedly trying to get Justin Fields

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Maybe it is a character flaw, but it's not enough for me to just be happy. I also need my rivals and enemies to be miserable. Knowing that the Vikings were trying to swoop in and get Fields, failing to do so, and then the Bears moving from #20 all the way to #11 to take the guy their division rival wanted so desperately that they needed to increase their data plan with verizon makes it that much sweeter. SO much sweeter. Oh 90 and 43? How about fuck yourselves. How about fuck yourselves for the next decade+, actually. If Fields turns into the guy we all think he will be(including the Vikings because they wanted him at #8) then they will be kicking themselves every day. A first round pick next year was too rich for their blood? They settled for Kellen Mond in the 3rd round? It's a little stick you can poke Vikings fans with for the next decade. Being able to make their fans feel extra miserable is going to make my sundays better twice a year. I honestly can't wait for the first game against the Vikings now. I need to find Vikings twitter and troll them forever. Drink it in as we all celebrate like this forever