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Shockingly Not A Flop: Fans Rushed Neymar Outside Of Brazil's Team Hotel, Stole A Shoe And Now He's Limping Around Injured

[Sun] - NEYMAR was accidentally two-footed by a pair of over-excited fans as Brazil arrived at their team hotel on Thursday night - before one ran off with his SHOE. Suddenly, out of nowhere, two supporters sprinted over, lost their footing and slid in, taking Neymar down in worrying manner.

One of the tacklers was spotted quickly running off with one of the Brazilian's shoes.

Security swarmed on the pair before Neymar gingerly got up and hobbled away with just one shoe on.

Down goes Neymar! Down goes Neymar! I know that sounds redundant when you're a soccer fan and used to Neymar flopping all around, but he actually didn't flop there. The man got taken out. A minimum of a yellow card for these fans. You can't be going in hot like that. I know they say it's an accident but we really need to find out where these fans allegiances lie. It could all be a front for them trying to take out Neymar a la a shitty Celtic Pride remake. 

I do think stealing one shoe here is worst case scenario. You can't do anything with one shoe. You gotta hobble into the hotel with one shoe? That's a bad look. You can lose both shoes. Just go barefoot. But one shoe? You're throwing that shoe away. If my dozens of fans want to celebrate a Dozen win with me take both my shoes, please. Don't leave me with one. 

IF Neymar has to miss any time or this ankle bothers him this goes down as one of those weird sports injuries that's typically reserved for baseball. A bum ankle because fans wanted your shoes is a tough way to get hurt. I blame security though. You have Neymar there. You gotta have two guys around him at all times like how a man is supposed to walk closer to the street than his girlfriend #somethings. Can't risk this.