PSA: If You Smash Your Cart Into A Walmart Employee And Then Spit On Him, You May Get Promptly Knocked The Fuck Out With A One-Punch From Hell

Usually when a guy gets absolutely bamboozled with a punch he didn't see coming, I call shenanigans because sucker punches are the preferred weapon of a coward. However, I don't think you can be sucker punched if you pop shit off by using your shopping cart as a bumper car that you smash into a human followed by spitting at said human. Once that happens, all bets are off because you have chosen violence for yourself. No jury on the planet would've convicted Trae Young, 50 Cent, or 50 Cent's lady if they had bashed in the brains of the dude that spit at Trae last week. That's like starting a war and leaving after firing the first two shots then thinking the battle let alone the war is over. It doesn't matter if your opponent is being held back by someone in his place of work or not. Sun Tzu was doing somersaults in his grave with this dickhead's battle strategy even before his head his the Walmart floor.


That being said, I feel like we cannot discount the very real chance that this customer took that punch as well as a Ric Flair level dive in order to sue the everliving shit out of Walmart, right?

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It's one thing to cash in on the great deals at Walmart, especially with a great rollback sale. But cashing in on a lawsuit that millions of people have seen is much better than a $300 70 inch TV. I don't know if this Walmart employee will lose his job or not. But either way, I am personally inviting him and his concrete fists to compete in the next Rough N Rowdy whenever it takes place.