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If You're Gonna Sit Outside, Drink Beers, And Jam Out This Weekend, Do It With Andy Frasco's Music

Invision. Shutterstock Images.

The best part of the last year and a half for me was finding new music. Especially during the first few months of the pandemic when nobody knew what was going on, there was nothing better for me to do with my time than to fire up Spotify and stumble on to new artists and bands. The list of lesser known yet awesome artists I've discovered is endless and it's not stopping even with Corona being dead.

My new musical addiction is Andy Frasco. If you're into new aged Grateful Dead blue, blue grass "sit on a rooftop/patio while jamming out and pounding beer in the sun" type music, Andy Frasco is the PERFECT artist and his band Andy Frasco and the UN is the perfect band for you. Take a look at this weather:


You HAVE to be outside this weekend. It's a must. The weather is going to be absolutely fucking perfect for getting hammered and blasting jams with your crew.

Back to Frasco - I get some Rod Stewart vibes from him. Give them a listen here: 

Often times it takes a few listens for me to get into any given song, artist or band, but the first time I hit play on his music I was HOOKED. Legit hooked. That happened with two artists in the last year plus - Eric Lindell and Andy Frasco. If you have Frasco playing while you read this blog and know who Lindell is, that will tell you all you need to know about my musical taste. 

Also got a chance to interview Frasco this week for an episode of On The Guest list that's going to drop this Tuesday. He hopped on the zoom and immediately started talking about all the blow he used to do and how he'd test his limits with how much blow he could do before taking the stage. Hilarity obviously ensued. I've never laughed so hard on an interview with anyone - not an athlete, celebrity, musician, anyone. Dude's hilarious. The convo went completely off the rails when he told our cohost Kenny that he'd suck him off to completion. 

Episode drops Tuesday. Have a listen:


Oh and he stopped doing coke recently. What a goddamn shame. He'll be in Chicago later this year on a few different tour stops and I cannot wait to see him live.