There's A New Sweetest Sound In Sports And There Ain't Shit The Haters Can Do About It

The crack of the bat on a home run swing when you know that ball is outta here the moment it makes impact. Shea Weber unleashing a clap bomb from the point that stings off the crossbar and into the back of the net. A perfectly hit drive that goes 425 off the tee. All are some of the best sounds in sports and ones that you can distinctly hear in your head just thinking about them. Sounds that are so unique and specific to that exact sport that you could hear them randomly without seeing anything going on around you and be able to tell exactly what happened. 

Well, my friends, there's another sound to add to that list. And it's the clank of the lax net after someone steps down and goes bombs away. 

I don't know why it's taken lacrosse this long to finally find nets that sound like this but it magnificent. MAGNIFICENT I tell you. It's almost as if they're using a chain net out there. The perfect amount of rattle and you can tell just how hard and close to the pipe that snipe was by the volume. Music to my ears. 

And now the only thing that really needs to happen is for the PLL to mic up the nets when the season gets underway tomorrow night. Give them the same treatment the NBA gives the rims. Just imagine how crisp it's going to sound if you could have a mic on the net right after Mac O'Keefe unloads a piss missile right under the crossbar. 

Goodness gracious. It'll send a nice little shiver down your spine. 

While we're at it, the league should also constantly be sending someone out there to hose down the nets so you get a nice little splash of water after every snipe. But we can't get too greedy right away. Let's mic up the nets first and then we'll figure out a way to keep them constantly hydrated. 

Either way, I'll put that net rattle up against any other sound in sports right now. Get ready to max out that volume all summer long, starting tomorrow night at 7pm.