You Have To Be a Real Asshole To Tell Roger Federer He's Playing Too Slow

Clive Brunskill. Getty Images.

Roger Federer will turn 40 years old come August. He's once again battled back from injury to give this tennis thing one more shot. This week he's playing in his first major in over a full year and he's looking spry. The Swiss Maestro is cooking, advancing to the 3rd round today after a 4 set victory fo Marin Cilic. It did not come without controversy though. 

In the 2nd set of today's 2nd round match Federer on the returning end, went to his towel in between points. The new age of tennis post-pandemic has eliminated towel boys/girls who would normally assist the players and quicken the process. Now players have to walk over to one of the ends and get it themselves. Naturally it takes longer. Federer is just coming back to the sport so he's understandably adjusting to the pace. Now here we have this asshole head chair umpire calling Roger for a time violation for taking too long.


I don't know about you, but when Roger gives you the hand on the hip while ripping you in French, you're done for. Friends and family of this guy watching it home likely covered their eyes. 

Doesn't matter what you thought about the argument, you're simply wrong Mr. Umpire. The audacity to tell Federer he's playing too slow, my goodness have some respect for the king. Watch Federer's service games. You don't have time to look down at your phone before it's over with how quick he gets it done. His opponent today coincidentally, takes forever to serve. Cilic must bounce the ball 100 times before he gains the courage to try and serve it over the net. To call Federer for a time violation while playing that bum? I won't stand for it and neither will he. 

The very next point after about a five minute argument? 

He had it all working today including this ridiculous drop shot in the opening set. Witchcraft. 


Best he's looked in my mind since being back. To be that fresh in the 4th set to break Cilic twice? Yup, love to see it. He was feeling so good he even overruled the umpire in the 3rd set tiebreak to give Cilic a point. What a guy. 

Onto the 3rd round at the French. He'll get the German Dominik Koepfer next.