If You Go To Vegas And Don't Spend $800 On A Bottle Of Vodka Or $75 For Chicken Fingers And Post The Receipt Then You're Poor


Vegas is back open and you know what that means- everyone has to post their receipts on Twitter and IG to show how rich they think they are. For some reason, an $8600 tab from MDW was making the rounds and even into a NY Post article, as if spending $8k in Vegas is something new. I will say though, I love it. Any time you go to Vegas, you GOTTA post something to let people know you aren't poor. Plus, any time you can spend $825 for a bottle of vodka, you gotta do it. Gotta. How else will your homies know that you have disposable income if you and the broskis didn't smash a few cran vodkas at the pool before hitting the $25 blackjack tables, maxing out your credit line? And for what it's worth, shout out to whoever ordered the fruit salad. It is bathing suit season afterall.


But the best, absolute best part of "Vegas receipt Twitter" is people LOVE to one-up each other.



DAMN!!! Look how fucking awesome David Oro is. 4 bottles of Veuve Clicquot Yellow for $100,000. Now, I do not know if I'm taking crazy pills, but is this the same Veuve Clicquot Yellow????



I hope it is because there would be nothing more sick than dropping $100k on 4 bottles of a champagne that's currently on clearance at your local liquor store. I'd rather drop that $100,000 than have someone think I'm a broke boi though, that's for sure.

My absolute favorite part about these people are you know that even though they have money, people just like them because they're funny. Has nothing to do with the cash, all the models that come over to the table really enjoy their sense of humor.