This Is How I'd Like To Imagine McLovin Is Spending His 40th Birthday

What a glorious day! A lot of times people get excited over the birthdays of beloved folks throughout history much like George Washington or John Lennon, but in this house the happiest of birthdays we give is to the one & only McLovin. Everyone’s favorite Hawaiian Organ Donor! Even though he sounds dumb with only the one name like Seal that doesn’t mean we don’t love him. 

Which makes me wonder what do we think McLovin is doing on his 40th birthday today? I would imagine a 40th birthday for most people happens to turn out to be a sad day since 40 is quite the milestone, though I’d like to think McLovin enjoys it in a wee bit of a different way then most. I’d imagine after moving to the states for his late 20’s and early 30’s McLovin eventually moved back to his beautiful home state of Hawaii to live out his days. 

His license says he’s from Honolulu so I guess he could’ve either gone back there to live & party it up with his hometown friends or find a more serene beach on another more secluded Island. I’d like to think it’s the latter and he celebrated his 40th on the beach with a couple of new friends, maybe reunited with his red headed lady friend that he promised a Hawaii trip to, all enjoying a classic Hawaiian Kalia Pig Luau on the beach. I’m tearing up thinking about it. Enjoy the day, McLovin.