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This Intro For Coach K's Press Conference Is Why We All Hate Duke And Why This Farewell Tour Is Going To Be Nauseating


Fuuuuucccckkkkk this. I don't know anyone in this video, but I know every single person here. They all suck. These are the people who talk about how Zion wanted to go to Duke because of The Brotherhood and academics and not because of duffel bag. These are the people who tell you that Coach K is teaching life lessons when he's just an egotistical asshole after losing. It's almost perfect that we're going to get a year of people blowing this guy left and right. We're already seeing excuses by people as to why he's retiring. 

So he was lying to recruits already? Also this is just a crock of shit. He didn't give a damn about being uncomfortable telling recruits how long he'd stick around for. He did this so he could hand pick Jon Scheyer as his replacement. Oh and to give himself a retirement tour. This whole year is going to be nauseating because we're going to see this shit over and over again. Hell, I saw UNC fans saying how they wouldn't boo him in Chapel Hill. Fuck is that? He's your ultimate rival. You boo the fuck out of him if you care about UNC basketball. 

Hands down the worst person in this video besides Coach K is this lady in blue.


I can't think of a better way to sum up Duke than this. Annoying, nauseating, painfully brutal. I hate using the word cringeworthy because it's overplayed, but this is the ideal image of it. Fucking losers. This is going to be the longest 10 months of our lives. 

PS: I don't think K has ever clapped or danced in his life. What the fuck is this? Get on beat at least one time for me.