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Why Do We Tip Taxi Drivers But Not Pilots?

-Our decisions on who we tip and don’t tip in society make no sense sometimes. We tip taxi drivers but we don’t tip pilots? If I sit in a guy’s car for 5 minutes and go 20 blocks, I’m giving him $5. But when a pilot safely takes me from one side of the country to another in a flying machine, we’re just like “Thanks man” and give him an awkward nod as we walk off the plane. 

-One downside of living in New York City is when scaffolding goes up on a building and then it’s just there forever. It’s not like for a month-long construction project. Scaffolding goes up and you just have to accept that you will never see the outside of that building again. 

-I wish they could release a schedule for the days when AMC, Gamestop, Dogecoin, and all these other stocks and cryptos are gonna go crazy and skyrocket. It happens like once a month and I always miss out on them. I just want a warning of when I should buy. But upon further review, I think I'm just describing insider trading. 

-It’s pretty weird that bees fuck flowers. 

-When looking at a song’s popularity on Spotify, the first song of an album will always be disproportionately more popular than it should be, due to people who want to start listening to a full album but don’t finish it. 

-”Does my stomach hurt because I haven’t eaten yet? Or should I not eat because my stomach hurts?” is a game I play with myself almost every single day. 

-The other day my roommate got annoyed that I left one egg in the carton, but here’s why I’m actually right and he’s wrong. There were 4 eggs left and I only wanted 3 for my scrambled eggs. My throat hurt and I wasn’t that hungry so I didn’t want to use 4 eggs when I knew I wouldn’t eat them all. That would be a waste. And I’m not gonna throw it out. We now have an extra egg at our disposal. How is that a bad thing? If I had to title this Thought, it would be called “Eggiquette.”

Thank you for your time.