McLovin Turns 40(!!!) Today

I'm gonna be frank with you guys, your pal Clem has had rough one so far today. I spent my night watching my favorite basketball team get blown off the court in an elimination game on a live stream, didn't get home until well after midnight, and was up at 5 AM to handle the kids. So seeing McLovin hit 4-0 was yet another kick directly to my soul's dick. 

I don't give a shit that it's a fake ID of a fictional high school character trying to act like he's in his mid 20s either. Simply knowing that the birthdate on that preposterously ridiculous yet awesome license is 40 years ago makes my entire body hurt as someone that remembers seeing this movie in the theaters back in my 20s.

That being said, it's hard to stay angry at McLovin when you remember that he's an organ donor, willfully wore that Aladdin vest to look older, and how great his highlights from Superbad are.

For all the hilarious scenes McLovin is in, nothing makes me laugh harder than we gets suckerpunched directly to hell. Audible LOL every single time.

Giphy Images.

Anyway, HBD to McLovin, one of the greatest supporting characters in the history of cinema as well as a first ballot Character Who The Actor Will Forever Be Known As along with the likes of Stiffler and Jon Snow.