Sean Avery Has A SHOCKING Reaction To The Scheifele Hit On Evans

So twitter was a BLAZE last night after Scheifele decapitated Jake Evans with a minute to go as he tried to prevent a wrap around goal which would've put the game on ice for good. You knew everyone was going to weigh in. You knew Avery would have a take. And here it is...

Just kidding. His reaction wasn't shocking at all. This is EXACTLY what I expected someone like Avery from Avery's era to say.

I spent all day battling the morons of hockey twitter about Seth Jones and analytics in hockey yesterday. I don't really have the energy to do it again. So I am not going to say that I kind of agree with Avery. Nope. Sure, Evans went low on a wrap around attempt. Scheifele was doing everything within his means to best prevent a goal but you can't hit a guy like that. You gotta take violence out of hockey. You need to take physicality out of hockey. You should probably take defense out of hockey too because that is when things get dangerous. That is what the mob of #hockeytwitter wants you to say so that is my position officially on this website.

PS: Normal people with brains only allowed to read from here on out

It absolutely SUCKS that Evans got blasted in the head and got hurt there. Hate that. Genuinely do. Having said that...I don't know what people want Scheifele to do in that situation. Let Evans score? People are calling for a long suspension, but I am not even sure it should be a major for charging. Scheifele is motoring but his feet were still from the top of the circles in. The principle point of contact was the head, but that is because Evans was sooo low trying to tuck it in there. Evans was trying to end the game and score, but he also never took a look to see that he was on the train tracks. If Scheifele pulls up there and attempts a poke check or just isn't going all out to prevent a goal then the people around Winnipeg, maybe even his teammates, would have some questions. Scheifele isn't a dirty player. He doesn't have a history of this. This isn't a Tom Wilson thing. That is hard ass playoff hockey and while what happened to Evans is extremely unfortunate and everyone hopes he is okay...I don't think Scheifele should be suspended there. Maybe one game just to keep the series from getting out of hand and leading to hits that are more dangerous and out of line. 

If the Habs want to respond the way Edmonson talked about in the post game then I would be fine with that too

The guys figure it out themselves.