Woman Accidentally Sends Her Crush A Remarkably Embarrassing Video Intended For Her Mother Involving Cats And An Intense Regret

I don’t know if we can admit this type of thing in public but we all do this kinda shit right? We all snuggle our animals and say weird things with the weird names we call our pets. I call Gussy Boy From Heaven Above and Baby Dale WooHoo all kinds of nicknames. Gus Gus. Gussy Tussy. Little Baby Gus Who Is So Tiny He’s Never Even Been Born. Gus The Prince of Peace and on and on and on.

What you can’t do is record that behavior. You can’t. You gotta keep these words and actions live. Information and proof of your pet parent weirdness has gotta be rumors only. Video evidence is beyond damning and something that will haunt you until the Lord comes back. To me, I’d rather have my porn search info leaked than videos of me talking to my animals like this.

Pray for this woman. Sadly, she will never recover.