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Ben Simmons Has Had Enough Of Trysta Krick's Slanderous Horseshit

Allegedly. Again. Straight from Ben's probable thoughts to your ears. Shit gets real sometime in #THISLEAGUE, and this isn't the first time Simmons has expressed a similar opinion. 

Why the alleged vulgar outrage by Ben towards Ms. Krick? Well, I can't speak for him, but I can only assume it's because of an abundance of dead, dickless horseshit takes like this:

bUt BeN sImMOnDs iS A gUaRD hE nEEds tO sCorE!!!

This has been the obvious mantra for anyone who has come at the potential DPOY "Guard" since the beginning of time. Yes, I put "Guard" in quotes, because in case people like Trysta didn't watch last night (and judging by their Twitter timelines, they didn't), Ben Simmons didn't start at PG. He started as the 5. You know who else has been versatile enough to play point guard at a perennial All-Star level and can switch to starting frontcourt position in the playoffs? Oh, only guys like LeBron James and Magic Johnson (look up his 1980 rookie year in the finals vs the Sixers for those of you who just started following basketball). Some would say it takes a special kind of talent to pull that off at an elite level. Others will continue to harp on the same shit, different day. Would it be great if Simmons had a consistent jump shot and score at will? OF FUCKING COURSE. Nobody is denying that. But people get their panties in a twist over the low hanging fruit and uneducated numbers/stats and miss how good Ben Simmons is FOR THIS TEAM RIGHT NOW. He doesn't need to score 30 for the Sixers to take home a championship. Facilitate, defend, win. That's it. And you'll easily take a triple double in 19/11/10 while going an efficient 7-11 with lockdown D and a game high +17 out of your "Guard" every night in the playoffs if he were on your team any day of the week and twice on Sunday. 

Ho hum. The haters will always hate no matter what and the rest of us will appreciate the talent we see at only 24-YEARS-OLD(!!!) and literally put our money where our balls are. 

Rone and myself discuss this and more important riffraff on the Sixers, Embiid, Mare Of Easttown, etc on this week's First Time, Long Time - Barstool Philly's totally unsanctioned and unapproved by Barstool podcast. We'll hang up and listen.