True Life: I Have A Misshaped Head

Yesterday was our first show in the new office. When I stepped into the Dogwalk studio Eddie made a big thing about making sure I am comfortable with my seat and where it was positioned in the room. Good guy, that Eddie. I didn't really care. There's going to be some trial and error with the new office. Need to figure out where my good angles are now that we have options. 

I've learned a lot about myself since starting this job. Where some of my strengths and weaknesses are. How wildly out of touch I seem to be with the general public when it comes to food and general taste. I've now also learned that I've got a fucked up head. Not the ideas, per se, but the actual physical shape. It is straight out of Ancient Aliens

I've only seen a head shaped like that once and I've looked at my own in pictures and the mirror probably into the hundreds of thousands of times in my life. Never once did a realize that I am the descendant of an alien race featuring an elongated skull. That's a tough break for a guy who has always been a hair guy. Can't be a hair guy while also having a misshapen head. I am going to start wearing hats at Gaz rates now. Whole different lifestyle. 

Anyways, that episode was actually about Saudi Arabia. Some Geo-political experts are questioning whether or not it'll even exist as a country in another 20 years. Crazy shit. You can listen to that here

And if you've never heard about the alien skulls archeologists found in Peru, here you go