There Is A Team In First Place Right Now And Dallas STILL Doesn't Think They'll Sniff The Playoffs.

How can Dallas look at us with a straight face and STILL say he doesn't think the San Fransisco Giants are going to sniff the playoffs. Not only are they sniffing the playoffs right now, they're leading arguably the best division in baseball! They'll probably have 3 playoff teams from this division, it's just about who is going to get that division title. Coming into the season all anyone could talk about were the Dodgers and Padres. The Giants were standing there like "what about us?" and look what they've done! 34-21 and a +62 run differential, they aren't just squeaking out wins, they're playing really good baseball, much better than people thought. They're being led by the familiar names Buster Posey and Evan Longoria, Brandon Crawford is mashing, Kevin Gausman may win the NL Cy Young, the Giants are good and Dallas is too much of a man to go back on his statement that they won't sniff the playoffs. He's dead wrong on this one. 

Jared: "I'm gonna give you the opportunity just this once to walk back your take that the Giants won't sniff the playoffs because you know they are."

Dallas: *furiously shaking head no* "I..I...I.. you know the fucking Nats.... NO FUCK THAT, FUCK THAT!"

Jared and Dallas also provide a FULL breakdown of the insane Pirates - Cubs play, give you the rundown on the very exciting home run race between all the young guns, the Rays and Giants being scorching hot, and a full on discussion on how unfair it is that Jacob deGrom can be this good. 

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