Calgary Flames Assistant GM And ALS Victim Chris Snow Is Out Here Smoking Baseballs Two Years After His Diagnosis And One Year After He Was Told He'd Be Dead

Today is the inaugural Lou Gehrig's Day in MLB:

And we got a REALLY nice little story for you. 

Meet Chris Snow:

Now, I don't know who this Chris Snow cat is, so I'm just meeting him too. I couldn't tell you the very first thing about hockey. That doesn't matter right now, because the moment I see a dude with ALS peppering baseballs all over the field on a beautiful summer afternoon, so I'm blogging it. This is your feel good story for this mundane Thursday Wednesday. He's just a dude 2 years removed from being given a death sentence. I mean goddamn. If this video doesn't "hit you in the feels", then you have a lump of coal for a heart. It's videos like this that really help put into perspective how lucky most of us are. This dude was supposed to be 6 feet under a year ago; today he's taking some BP and enjoying the greatest game in the world. 

I've never really thought about his first tweet either; it's been 80 fucking years (!!!) since Lou Gehrig succumbed to the disease now named after him and here we are, in the year 2021 and there hasn't been too much advancement on a cure. There hasn't even been much of a way to suppress it, at least from what I'm aware of. That's why viral charities like the Ice Bucket Challenge and other ALC Foundations are so important. Chris says he's $30,000 away from reaching his goal of $500,000 for his charity, "Snowy Strong". Stoolies have always rallied around for a good cause, whether it was for the Boston Marathon Bombing victims or for Pete Frates ALS Foundation; figured I'd throw this out there too.

Here's the link to his foundation:

Let's go! And I'll say this to Chris - do NOT feel guilty about where you are with respect to the disease right now compared to others who have had it. Do not feel guilty at all