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I Am Officially Undefeated Against The Oregon Trail

Alright, The Oregon Trail game is ELECTRIC. When I first heard of this game during my snake draft on The Dog Walk, I was very skeptical. I assumed this game would be closer to an unplayable older game rather than a game that would still hold some entertainment value - and it held serious entertainment value. There's something so pure about older games with randomness that you can't always control. It adds some spice that will always translate to fun. All 5 of us in the room were so into it, which made the game an absolute blast.

Since it was my first time playing, I heavily relied on my crew for support and advice. We went with the carpenter from Ohio and left in April. We maxed out on extra Wagon gear, started with 8 oxen and 10 pairs of clothes. I enjoyed the hunting aspect of the game and I can confirm the aim from Call of Duty did translate well.

Unfortunately, we lost Kate very early trying to ford the very first river, but after that we went 2/2 in our caulking crossing efforts, mainly thanks to KFC's ultra-risk taking appetite. In the words of Kevin, "The ferry is for pussies. I want to make it to Oregon with some pride," and that's exactly what we did (I think). I also learned that Frank is the songbird of our generation. Clem and KFC broke their legs at separate times, while Frank and I went through unscathed.

Watch the full VOD below - we'll be dropping a condensed YouTube version on Friday!