An Air India Flight Bound For Newark Was Forced To Turn Around And Land In New Delhi Because There Was A Bat Flying Loose In Business Class

AOL- This bizarre footage shows the moment passengers on a flight were left alarmed - by a bat soaring through the aircraft. The stowaway passenger was spotted on board a 15-hour Air India flight from Delhi, India, to Newark, USA, in May - and prompted an emergency landing.

Passengers were left twisting in their seats to keep a wary eye on the Indian flying fox - as the large animal was left flying in agitated circles through the cabin of the Boeing 777 airplane. And when the flight captain informed Air Traffic Control of the bizarre incident just half an hour into the long-haul flight, the plane was advised to turn around and make an emergency landing.

Just an hour and a half after taking off from Delhi at 2.20am, passengers found themselves once again grounded back in the Indian capital city when the plane landed at 3.55am. And when wildlife experts boarded the plane to retrieve the bat, it was found dead in the Business Class section.

Damn it feels good to see airplanes making emergency landings for reasons other than drunk passengers beating the everliving shit out of each other. Not that there was any other choice in the matter. You can't have a bat causing absolute chaos in business class during a 15 hour flight. Flying sucks enough as is. Having to do it while worried about a rat with wings buzzing you as you watch whatever C+ entertainment in the seat in front of you is downright cruel. Just the psychological damage of THINKING a bat may swoop down on your ass while you are packed onto a plane for 2/3 of a day is a form of torture outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

The only other solution I could see is them moving the bat from business class to coach and calling it a day. As a longtime coach flyer, I don't think I would even be able to get upset. I know I am on the bottom of the airline caste system from the time I board with the last zone called until the time I am the last off the plane. Having to fly with a crazed animal potentially loaded with rabies is just one more thing to deal with in exchange for a cheaper flight. Still beats flying Spirit though.