The Celtics Are Blowing Everything Up, Now Brad Stevens Steps Down As Coach And Takes Over For Danny Ainge

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Just when your brain starts wrapping around the Ainge news, here comes the Brad Steven nuke to completely blow everything up. The offseason is 5 seconds old and we have gigantic franchise altering decisions coming down. I need a minute to compose myself. This is a lot of information to process in real time and blog. I'll be honest, I didn't exactly know you could do this. With Ainge gone, in my earlier blog I did wonder about Brad and his future. I guess now we know that given the fact he just got his extension, the move was to find him a new role. Wyc loves Brad. But this situation is more than just bringing in a new GM with some Ainge oversight like what happens in MIA. This is a complete overhaul. 

So now the question turns to, who is going to coach this team? I honestly have no idea. What I do know is you make sure that both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are on board with whoever that person is. That choice is the most important piece when you talk about the direction of this franchise moving forward. You cannot get that wrong. Making the necessary adjustments to the roster will be hard enough for Brad to do (WOW does that feel weird to say), you need to nail the coaching hire. I'm sure we'll hear some names like Billups and other former players that are looking for their first opportunity, but who knows.

The one thing I will say is I'd like someone who is a little more offensive oriented. The Celts offense too often becomes way too predictable and easy to stop. Basically, give it to the Jays and get it out of the way. 

With Brad now running the show, it's interesting to see what he's able to do. Will he be able to land big time players? Can he even draft? How much of the current drafts had Stevens' impact as opposed to just being all Ainge? There are just as many questions surrounding his ability to thrive in this new role as there is with whoever the new coach might be. 

If you were someone who was screaming all year for Ainge to be fired and for Brad to no longer be the coach….well you got your wish. They blew it the fuck up. We knew this was going to be a monster offseason, but who could see THIS coming? I'm afraid to even refresh my timeline at this point. The Woj and Shams bombs just keep coming. Maybe this works out, maybe it's a complete disaster. Everything and anything is currently on the table right now. 

Like I said in the first blog, buckle the fuck up.