This New Toronto Maple Leafs Anthem Is The Song Of The Summer

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This is an absolute bop. The type of song you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth to. The type of song you listen to on your way to work. The type of song you roll your windows down and blast on repeat while you're driving to the shore for the weekend. The type of song that comes on at the bar on a Saturday afternoon happy hour and the whole place starts jamming along. We're talking summer 2015 Cheerleader by Omi levels of song of the summer.

The only way this song could possibly get any better is if we were able to get a remix with Stephen A. Smith featured on the track. 

The Dallas Cowboys of Canada is legitimately the meanest thing you could ever say about anybody or anything. Not only do you get that label of a perennial loser, but you're also in Canada. That's what we in the biz call a double whammy. Good grief. What a time for the 5x reigning first round loser Toronto Maple Leafs.