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Spain Soccer Is Breaking Out A 'Secret Weapon' To Win Euros This Month - A $43,000 Bed That Slows Down Aging ... Huh?

[Source] - SPAIN have unleashed their secret weapon for Euro 2020 - a £31,000 miracle BED that promises to slow down the ageing process.

And it turns out Enrique's men have a secret weapon in their bid to wrestle back the trophy from their neighbours.

At least five Spain stars are taking advantage of a bed that promises to 'reduce biological age'.

Marcos Llorente, Koke, Aymeric Laporte, Alvaro Morata and Eric Garcia are all claimed to use the £31,000 Hogo bed, say AS. It has been scientifically proven that the bed slows down ageing - making it perfect for footballers.

Hogo claim it is the only bed available on the market that 'naturally reduces biological age'.

I'm sorry, but, uh what? My brain is too dumb to figure out how a bed can slow down the aging process. It just doesn't sound real. How else can I put it? That's just the case of how my brain works. I don't know how you lay in a bed and it just heals you, but I need one of those. Do you know the toll blogging has one a person? I had hair a year ago. That's gone. I had good fingers three years ago? They just hurt now. My back is a mess. You think I have $43,000 just laying around? Hell no. 

But if this is what it takes to trick your players into thinking they are 100% healthy why not? Soccer players have a shit ton of money, so what's $43,000 to them. Spain wants to win Euros, plain and simple. It's about getting the trophy back after having it back-to-back. Just seems like a hassle though. Are they going to bring these beds to Euros? Nobody wants to be the guy traveling with a bed. You can't be calling down to the hotel front desk asking for a bed to be removed. 

We're talking European soccer here and the biggest international trophy this side of the World Cup. You break out all the stops. You wanna use a fake $43,000 bed? Go ahead. At least it seems like Marcos Llorente's girlfriend enjoys the bed.