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Now That's What I Call Home Court Advantage

Just imagine how completely and utterly demoralizing it must be for LeBron James to look into the crowd in Phoenix and see that the Suns have fans who would be starters on the Lakers' roster. At the very least, this man is coming off the bench for LA and he's putting up numbers. 

Shooting sleeve? Buckets. Bandana? Buckets. The awkward "I saw this hot new move on TikTok but I'm not exactly sure how to make my body move like that but I'm still going to attempt anyway" dance moves? Buckets. Those eyes? Well the eyes lead me to believe that buddy may just be a little too lost in the sauce at the moment. But everything else about this dude is menacing to say the least. 

So is anybody surprised that this was the inevitable outcome?

Again, this man could come down from Section 114 Row 12 and insert himself right into the Lakers' lineup. Maybe give them a fighting chance to keep the game within 10. And when LeBron sees that, he knows it's over. He knows it's time to head to the locker room early to start crafting that excuse. That's a lethal dose of home court advantage right there.