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Reminder: John Cusack Is #Banned From The White Sox Bandwagon

Real quick here: John Cusack is #banned from the White Sox bandwagon. Not just banned, but hashtag banned. That's how you know I mean business. This goes back a few years:

Here's an updated version of my banned list:

You'll notice Cusack is smack dab in the middle of it. 

Why you ask? It's simple. Cusack is a pink hat. Always popping in both Wrigley and Sox Park donning the black and white or blue and red. He cheers for BOTH teams. 


Not allowed. Look, we have two teams in Chicago. You pick one of them to root for and then you hate the other one. That's just how it goes, and it's just that simple. You're not allowed to root for both like John here:

I don't make the rules. I'd imagine it's the same in NYC.

John doesn't think so, however:

Here's an entire summation of our little Twitter "beef" tonight:


It's pretty fucked up if you ask me. Open invite is extended to John to swing by the new Chicago office to explain himself. We have a liquor cabinet full of Malort. He can have all he'd like.

PS - Hot Tub Time Machine is one of the most criminally underrated comedies of all time. Absolutely hysterical