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Laser Eye Surgery Is Easily The Best Thing I've Ever Spent Money On In My Life


This came across the ol TL today. Apparently Frankie Borrelli Jr is considering getting laser eye surgery because apparently he doesn't know what a salad looks like. No just kidding, that was a mean joke. But what's not a joke is how laser eye surgery is the best thing I have ever spent money on, hands down. 

You see, I'm a pretty simple person. I enjoy a cold beer. A pulled pork sandwich. And a hockey game on the TV. I live in a modest 1 bed room Manhattan apartment with a doorman, elevator, and sprawling views of the city. I don't really travel much, or spend much money on novelties like clothes or shoes. Really, most of my money goes towards the aforementioned beers and pulled pork sandwiches, to be honest. But one time in 2016, I did pull the trigger on something life-changing, and that something was laser eye surgery, and it is, as I said above, hands down the best money I ever spent.

Prior to that June day in 2016, I was what you could consider "blind". Not like, blind blind, but I couldn't really see anything without glasses on. I tried contacts once, but I hated them. Hateddddddd them. It's not that I hated wearing glasses per se, but I found them to be an annoyance. For example, never being able to properly wear sunglasses. Also I was always sitting on them n shit. And going out to crowded bars, you never want to be the blind *and* balding guy. I honestly didn't feel good about myself and wanted to make a change.

Enter...Dr. P.

My homie Dr. P was a laser eye surgeon that I found after his son emailed me and said "yo, my dad fixes eyes for a living" after I tweeted about being interested in getting my eyes fixed. I had a consultation and it was recommended I get PRK laser eye surgery, which is a different form of LASIK. PRK hurts a little more and has a longer recovery time, but the idea is the same- you go in as Helen Keller and leave as Anne Frank.

I got the procedure done 5 years ago this month and I can without a doubt claim it was well worth every penny. You wake up in the morning and you can just see the world. Now, I will say, I wish I used eyedrops a bit longer (I think I fucked that part up, no idea if I didn't get full results because of it) but besides that, life has been crystal clear. I don't know if my eyes will start regressing soon, but even 5 years of great eyesight makes it worth it. Besides, think about how much you spend on contacts/solution/stressing about contacts and solution and $1k/year doesn't sound too bad. $16/month for 5 years to never have to wear contacts or glasses again? And they should be good for another 5-10, so basically this entire surgery was free if you think about it that way.

I did a full round up of my surgery and the next week's recovery in this blog here:



So the answer to Frankie, and anyone else considering it- do it. Best use of my Xmas bonus there ever was. Paying off student loans is a distant second. 

Now if only he could have also fixed my hairline.


PS: Look how cute I am!